Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Tricks SEO – what is really behind it? There are many secret recipes on the web and questionable special tricks for a better ranking of a website in the search engines. This is mainly caused by the secrecy of the search engines on the techniques of your search engine crawlers. Anyone who follows the behaviour of the search engines for a long time he will learn something about the search algorithm. Using the example of Google, we see that there a good website listed, which is usually also of good quality.

The search engine giant has thus found an algorithm that is similar to the needs of the searcher. An Internet presentation showing outwardly, what he offers is the best prerequisite to be listed in good positions in the search results. Below you will learn what is going on with each search engine tricks and concepts to be and how effective or ineffective these applications.

Google PageRank

On a scale of 1-10 is rated each website in the Google index. A home should have at least a ranking of 3rd 4 of 10 is already a great result, 5 of 10 is very good. Nevertheless, not only a good ranking is crucial for a successful website. There are also good and much-visited sites on the Web that have a poor ranking while in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) are at the top. However, the Google PageRank is a good indicator for comparison with the direct competitors of the website.


A good ranking alone is not decisive for a successful website – the relevant search terms must be reasonable. They tell us under what keywords your page is to be found, and we will optimize your website to these terms.

You get customers

Worldwide, there are only 5 major search engines. With a market share of about 80.00%, Google owns the undisputed supremacy of the search engine world. However, your website can be optimized for Google and through other major search engines. Only in this way can ensure a good result. There is search engine software that logs a website with 100,000 search engines simultaneously.