Google AdWords Tips

Google AdWords are unpopular with many users and seen as unhelpful. In our opinion, wrongly. Sure, the use of Google AdWords does not count as a marketing tool in some areas. In most cases, however, it is really an efficient tool for customer acquisition.The high costs often result from incorrectly selected keywords, forgetting of negative keywords to commonly held view and a false target group definition.

Google provides us around Google AdWords a lot of tools and options to keep these errors as small as possible and thus to achieve a high degree of effectiveness of the ads. This increases on the one hand; the quality of the visitors, on the other reduces the costs of the campaigns. Below we have provided you with the most important advice about Google AdWords:

Target group, and keyword selection

Think before you create a campaign, exactly whom you want to reach and what a potential customer actually enters a search term. A doctor would certainly write keywords as “Flu-like infection” and the well-seekers “flu”. For help with this, the keyword tool from Google. You simply enter a subject and get a list of the effective calling and similar terms appear.

More phrases keywords and regional interest

Do not use the first-best keyword but think back to the user. Most people use two-to three-phrase keywords. Therefore, it makes no sense for a locksmith to use only the word “locksmith”. The user will always use this with the place name, since he has no interest in 500 km distance to indicators and results of companies. The two phrases keywords are not only cheaper than the single term, but also more effective.

Detailed targeting

Do not turn 50 keywords for an ad or ad group, but inform the appropriate keywords together into smaller ad groups. When a lawyer writes: “… we represent all areas of law, for everyone, everywhere …” then that is not very attractive for the seeker. However, if he makes an ad group for the area of labour in a designated place, it would be much more effective and appealing to users.

The user wants to find his searches in the display. At the same time, your display does not have to come first. Studies have shown that searchers do not necessarily click on the first ad, but rather on the display with the appropriate content. So you do not need to pay the most expensive position for your ad, a spot in the top 4 positions is sufficient.

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